Thank you and welcome to Amacee…

In line with the new vision and future of our country, we would like to leverage the skills and knowledge of our Saudi experts. Amacee’s team is proud to be part of the Kingdom’s transformation and vision of 2030 and to the contribution of achieving the declared initiatives. We aspire to help improve our country and community. We believe in our ability to achieve this aspiration. We have the passion and capabilities to make a positive change. As we are excited about the positive change within Saudi Arabia and the region, it is our desire to participate productively in this change that our region is experiencing. Our business is driven by our dedication to:

  • Lower the rate of unemployment
  • Empower women to contribute positively
  • Enhance the non-profit sector’s capacity and capabilities
  • Enhance the factors of triple bottom line of the private industry
  • Increase the sense of accountability, responsibility, and citizenship
  • Boost entrepreneurship and stimulate the growth of SMEs with sustainability

We are looking forward to working together for our future and for the next generations.


The Founder & Team of Amacee